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Postcards are inexpensive to print and inexpensive to mail, which is why many businesses take advantage of this important marketing tool. What better way to get information about your latest sale or promotion to customers than by sending a well-designed postcard?  The key is to make sure your postcards are doing their job: attracting customers to your business.

Postcard design and printing Texas is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for small businesses.  Easy to create, easy to mail, and easy to get your point across, postcards are a fun way to share the news with your clients.

Remember to keep your postcard printing short and to the point.  The goal with postcards is not to inform the reader of every last detail, but rather to get their interest so that they contact you for more information.

The visual appeal is important as well, as you may have mere seconds to make an impression on the reader before they toss your postcard into the recycle bin.  Choosing appropriate color schemes and images that fit your branding are important.

Lastly, every postcard should include your contact information in some form, whether it is your phone number, website, or physical address.

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"Texrah Designs is one of the best design agencies that I have personally used. I told them exactly what I wanted for a political, postcard for a direct mail campaign.   The postcard was exactly what I asked for and was completed in a timely manner at a reasonable price. I would recommend Texrah Designs’ work."

John, Dallas, Texas