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Looking for a 'Web Site Makeover'?

Worried about the decreased business inquiries and traffic on your website?

You have just knocked at the right door!

At Texrah Designs, a website development Frisco company, we simply redesign the look of your existing website; we do not redesign the feel of your existing website your clients are familiar with!

In this highly effervescent field of ICT where technology is in a state of constant flux, Texrah Designs is a premier website, redesigning company serving the state of Texas. Our zealous team of website redesigning professionals continuously strives to keep abreast with up-to-the-minute technology to offer you our best services.

Why Redesign?

We, at static website design texas, upgrade our websites the way we upgrade our computers. Technology keeps evolving as well as the strategies and the functionalities related to websites. In order to maintain and increase web site traffic and keep the fresh look of your existing site, it is absolutely vital that we redesign it. Redesigning is simply upgrading it. . We are experts at maintaining your web site's integrity while redesigning it.

We understand that your existing website has won the hearts of your clients and has become an integral part and crucial aspect of your business. We assure you that we do not change the brand it has created over the years; we only assist you in making it EVEN better! Our dexterous team of technocrats works assiduously to help you rebuild the brand image that has diminished with the passage of time and upgrade your website by redesigning it. By redesigning the website, we re-empower and emphasise your online campaign of expanding the horizons of your company with our technical expertise combined with an empirical approach.

Why Texrah Designs?

  • Integration of new strategies and the latest technologies like server side includes and cascading style sheets (CSS).
  • Use of 301 redirects for total SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Compressed file designing for faster downloading.
  • All browsers compatibility.
  • Easy and customer friendly navigation.
  • Easy CMS (Content Management System) integration.
  • Higher resolution for better viewing experience.
  • Captivating graphics.
  • Rejuvenated designs and vibrant colors.
  • Increased traffic and sales.
  • All these, at the most affordable price!

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"I greatly appreciate how you stepped in and made things happen. You are talented and dedicated and I would be glad to be a reference if needed."

Jimmy Moore, ORACLE Database Director Atmos Energy